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    Скачать сэмплы: GC Music - Black Crowns

    Комплект сэмплов в стиле hip-hop.

    Официальное описание: ‘Black Crowns’ is the newest item through GC Music and it is a good extremely high quality number of Urban Construction Kits. This particular primary and also brand new idea blends the particular pavement-cracking seems of recent College Hip Hop with the complicated, musical character associated with soulful hit information. Inspired through the productions associated with Jess Knutson, Deborah. The, Arthur McArthur, Noah “40? Shebib, Awesome & Dre, Pharrell, Important Slow, DJ Mustard and also Boi-1da.

    These types of Kits are generally far from the particular stylistic remakes that you have come to anticipate. These are genuine and also inspirational, high quality productions made to cater to musicians like Tyga, Drake, Wiz khalifa, J Cole, Wale, Kanye Western world, and also MGK.

    Best of all, these types of Construction Kits are usually Royalty-Free, meaning you may use all of them in individual or industrial compositions at no extra cost.

    Included in this selection are generally bangin’ 808?s and also sub-basses, complicated, live recorded Orchestral passages, live recorded electrical and also acoustic guitar, dynamic keyboard progressions made up and also carried out by a classicall-trained session pianist, lovely, custom-programmed synth components which includes shimmering prospects, Ambient sample-based parts, heavy basslines, jaw-dropping custom Hip Hop trommel samples and also styles (created through traditional acoustic and also analogue sources), and also refreshing, primary, SFX, build-ups, and also tTransitions.

    GC songs are not responsible for broken audio speakers and also busted ear drums that happen due to listening to these types of bangers, move forward at your own acumen.

    It’s also really worth noting that instead of simply brick wall structure restricting each and every sound to the preverbial squashed, without life, 0db peaking state that producers are so utilized to viewing, each sound is thoroughly processed without the usage of brick wall structure restricting to make sure optimum fidelity, hand techinque, dynamics, and many importantly, usability.

    Product Details:

    ” Virtually all seems are generally printed via forty eight Bit Structures @ 176. 4 kHz regarding optimum dynamic variety and also downward compatibility (Provided at 24-Bit, 44. 1kHz)

    ” Virtually all Key Signatures and also Tempos Provided

    ” five Multi-Track Construction Kits

    ” five Complete MIDI Plan Documents

    ” five Completely Arranged, Professionally Blended and also Mastered, Stereo Ready Demo Documents

    Virtually all sounds by professionals processed using the most effective in analogue and also digital indication digesting which includes UAD, Apogee, Prism, Harmful Music, Neve, Shadow Slopes Industries, Slate Digital/ Slate Pro Audio, SSL, Good Playthings, McDSP, D16 Team, Ampex, and also Studer.

    Размер: 374 mb

    Альтернативное содержание


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    Год: 2017
    Жанр: Rap | Hip-Hop
    Страна: Россия, Кострома
    Формат | Качество: Mp3, 320 Kbps
    Продолжительность: 00:52:11
    Размер: 118 Mb
    Звук: TA prod., SIRIUS prod., Ballistic beats, Steel beats, Сбитый с пути
    Запись, сведение, мастеринг: LuxSina Record's
    Сбитый с пути - Синусоида Бойня

    Формат: MPEG      Размер: 340 mb
    Рэп как искусство Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap

    Рэп-энциклопедия из первых уст: постановщиком этого шумного и боевого фильма стал Айс-Ти, киноактер и крестный отец гангста-рэпа. «Рэп спас мою жизнь»..

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